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Curious finds for curious minds
Stellarscope Star Finder


A true explorer knows his way around the night sky. With the Stellarscope in your kit you can locate and identify more than 1,500 stars—and impress your in-laws.

Carabiner Clip Watch


It's a watch and a light source that clips onto your pack, dogsled, belt loop, you name it. Never miss an after-dark appointment again.

National Geographic
T-Shirts by Uniqlo

$18.99 - $26.99

Get explorer cred just by wearing one of these tees from Uniqlo. No rocket science degree required.

Photograph by ROBERT SISSON
“We are now ready to start on our way down the Great Unknown.”
— Explorer John Wesley Powell
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On Assignment With National Geographic


Did you know that a National Geographic writer found the source of the Amazon River? That a 1957 article inspired the creator of the plastic lawn flamingo? Wow folks at your holiday party with Yellow Border lore.

Trekker Space Pen


Now there's no excuse not to pen your memoirs. Write on the road, in the field, and even in zero gravity. In any climate, any position.

Stones of the World Solitaire Game


Even mountaineers have downtime. Keep your mind sharp at Base Camp (or in your living room) with this centuries-old semiprecious stone game.

Celtic Pocket Watch


Adventure waits for no one. Make sure you're on time with a mechanical steel alloy pocket watch fit for a gentleman.

Photograph by BARRY BISHOP
“Something hidden. Go and find it. Go and look behind the Ranges.”
— Writer Rudyard Kipling
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Victorinox Swiss Champ Multitool


Scale a fish. Saw some wood. Chisel a sculpture. Repair a net. Strip wires. Open a bottle of wine. This tool handles all the civilized (and not so civilized) basics.

Buffalo Nickel Money Clip


Keep your bills in a style Lewis and Clark would envy. This magnetized money clip features a rare piece of American coinage and some serious good looks.

Night Vision Monocular


Adventuring doesn't stop at sunset. Keep an eye on the nighttime action around a Botswana watering hole or the birdbath in your own backyard.

Irish Pewter Compass


Stay on course—no matter the destination—with this pewter compass decorated with a design inspired by the eighth-century Book of Kells.

“We are astronauts—all of us. We ride a spaceship called Earth.”
— Writer Gordon Young
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