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Petra 360º

  • Use your mouse or the controls above to explore the photo. PC users: Click "View in HD" for a more vivid experience. Photograph by Corey Jaskolski

The Treasury

Evoking the ancient mysteries of Petra, candlelight illuminates the Treasury's dusty-pink facade and intricate carvings that have survived for 2,000 years. Three times a week, the pathway between the Siq, the slender canyon that protected the city from invaders, and the Treasury, known in Arabic as Al Khazneh, glow with 1,800 candles as Bedouin musicians play for tourists. Although archaeologists are uncovering more of the ancient city buried under centuries of windblown sand, many secrets of the Nabataeans remain cloaked in darkness. Where these prosperous desert nomads came from and why they decided to create a permanent settlement at Petra remains unknown.

Special thanks to the Petra National Trust and the Petra Archaeological Park for their assistance on this project.

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