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Photo Gallery: Herod's Tomb

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Photo: King Herod walks with one of his soldiers in a re-creation from the NGC show, <em>Herod's Lost Tomb</em>

On TV: Herod's Lost Tomb

Explore the works of Herod the Great, and watch exclusive clips from the NGC special.

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Image: Screen from NGC's Herod's Lost Tomb game

Game: Herod's Lost Tomb

Visit excavation sites and search for clues—help archaeologists find King Herod's lost tomb!

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Photo: A bathhouse in Herod the Great's winter palace.

Quiz: King Herod

Test your knowledge about Herod the Great, King of Judaea, by taking our eight-question quiz.

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Photo: An aerial photo of Masada, Israel at sunset

Photo Gallery: Visionary Builder

Long reviled as a villain, Herod was one of the most imaginative builders of the ancient world.

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Photo: King Herod examines an architectural model in a re-creation from the NGC show <em>Herod's Lost Tomb</em>

Video: Who Was King Herod?

Go inside the life of Herod: one of the Bible's great villains and an architectural genius.

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Image:  A screen from NGC's Expedition game depicting an adventurer avatar

Be the Ultimate Adventurer

Gruff mercenary or mad professor? Create the ultimate adventurer and join expeditions to find priceless artifacts of the ancient world.

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Photo: Re-creation of King Herod's funeral

Photo Gallery: Herod's Lost Tomb

See on-location images and behind-the-scenes recreations from National Geographic Channel's Herod's Lost Tomb.

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Photo: Excavations at Herod's tomb

King Herod's Reign

Learn about the controversial life of Herod the Great, a king so despised, his tomb was deliberately destroyed by Judaean rebels?

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Mysteries of the Ancient World

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Photo: Horses and old barn

Take a photographic journey through Montana and enter for a chance to win a trip for two!

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Photo: Glass of water

Eighteen percent of the world's population can't get safe drinking water. Test your water knowledge.

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Photo: Petra

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Ancient World News

Photo: Stonehenge

See the latest discoveries and archaeological news.

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Herod's Tomb

Image: Herod's Tomb

Explore the life of Herod the Great with photos, videos, and more.

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Ancient Mysteries Map

Image: World map

Discover the ancient world with this interactive map.

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Game: Tomb of the Unknown Mummy

Image: Screenshot from the game 'Tomb of the Unknown Mummy'

Kids, can you solve this ancient mystery?

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