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Hong Kong Intangible Cultural Heritage

There's no place like Hong Kong. It's a hybrid destination divergent from anywhere you've discovered before. And one of the best ways to see it is through the eyes of the locals. See the Hong Kong that homegrown National Geographic Explorer Laurel Chor sees through her camera lens. Then come June, check out what the participants of National Geographic Photo Camp: Hong Kong Edition have been working on. Come see all that is delightful, delicious and dazzling in Hong Kong.

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The soul of Hong Kong: Its intangible cultural heritage

Hong Kong has its own visual fingerprint. With its shimmering buildings stretching to the sky, shoulder to shoulder along the famous harborfront, it's instantly recognizable...

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Family Drama: A couple and their two sons' passion for Cantonese opera

With a few hours until curtain call, a quiet but tangible energy permeates the backstage dressing room of the legendary Sunbeam Theatre...

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Hong Kong's traditional crafts live on across generations

The skills and knowledge required to make Hong Kong's traditional crafts vary widely. To make the perfect cup of Hong Kong-style milk tea...

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