K-19: Subs in Peril
K-19: The History
Major Sub Disasters
Evolution of Subs

Radiation Risk?
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K-19: The Movie
K-19: The Movie

In theaters July 19:
Inspired by actual events, the heroic thriller K-19: The Widowmaker is National Geographic's first feature film.

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From the Director
After a dramatic afternoon with the widow of the captain who inspired Harrison Ford’s character, nothing could stop Kathryn Bigelow from making K-19.

News Story: Sub Disaster Inspires Geographic’s First Movie

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K-19: The History
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More on Submarines
Major Sub Disasters

From “the greatest sub rescue in history” to the tragedy of Kursk—investigate 11 undersea accidents with our clickable map.

Evolution of Subs

How have subs advanced since the disastrous days of K-19? Explore the major U.S. and Soviet submarine classes of the Cold War.

Radiation Risk?: Sunken Subs

Around the world radioactive nuclear reactors in derelict subs dot the seafloor. Do they threaten marine and human life?



K-19: The Widowmaker—The Secret Story of the Soviet Nuclear Submarine

National Geographic’s companion book to the movie is packed with rare historic images, a complete history of the actual events, and passages from the captain’s memoir.