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Lewis and Clark
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image: Plains Gray Wolf
Photograph by Joe McDonald/Corbis
Plains Gray Wolf

Canis lupus nubilus

Subspecies of Gray Wolf


First Noted by Expedition
May 30, 1804, near present-day Leavenworth, Kansas.

A very large canid, usually grizzled gray, but showing great variation in color, ranging from white to black. Long, bushy tail with black tip. Height: 2638 in (6697 cm); length: 4.36.8 ft (1.32 m); tail: 13.819.8 in (3550 cm). Weight: 57130 lb (2659 kg).

Open tundra and forests.

Once most of North America, now only Alaska, Canada, northern Washington, northern Idaho, northern Montana, Isle Royale National Park in Lake Superior, and northeastern Minnesota.

Endangered Status
The gray wolf is on the U.S. Endangered Species List. It is classified as endangered in Colorado, Idaho, Michigan, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Washington, Wisconsin, and Wyoming; and is classified as threatened in Minnesota.

Species information from enature.com

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