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Lewis and Clark
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Skilloot Indians

First Noted by Expedition
November 4, 1805

One of several Chinookan tribes that inhabited the area, the Skilloots occupied both sides of the Columbia River, between the Washougal and Cowlitz Rivers.

As Lewis and Clark traveled among this tribe, they noticed the large quantity of European-made goods (particularly weapons) that the Skilloots possessed. The Corps was getting closer to the West Coast tribes who had been in contact with American and British traders for several years.

Clever traders, the Skillloots dominated commerce in this region. Lewis and Clark often found themselves driving hard bargains to get the food they needed to continue. Clark mentioned one village of 25 houses, made of wooden planks with straw roofs.

Altogether, the Corps estimated the Skilloot population in 1806 to be about 2,500. An 1850 population estimate put the tribe at about 200 surviving members. The Skilloot no longer exist as an independent band.

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