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Through Another Lens

This story appears in the July 2014 issue of National Geographic magazine.

On assignment in the Hejaz, in western Saudi Arabia, Stanmeyer often felt caught in a time warp. “It was as if I had one foot in the present, and the other had stepped back a hundred years.”

To capture that sensation, Stanmeyer took photographs of the palms with an app called Hipstamatic; it uses software in this case to mimic the look of faded prints from a film camera. For the next month, in addition to his regular photography, he kept at his Hipstamatic experiments. The vintage-style images caught the feel, he thought, of traveling in a land uncertain of its modernity. His editors agreed. Four of the images appear in the Out of Eden Walk feature this month. —Tom O’Neill

Enjoy more of John Stanmeyer’ Hipstamatic images from the Hejaz as he discusses why he used the iPhone app on Proof.


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