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Phenomenal photos of the world’s wonders

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Japan Sunset paints the sacred Meoto Iwa (“wedded rocks”) in pastel hues. Bound by heavy rice-straw ropes, the two stacks off the coast of Futami—Izanagi (left) and Izanami—symbolize the Shinto deities said to have created Japan.
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China Frigid meets florid in a garden in Hami, where a blooming tree, watered the night before, dangles ice during a two-day cold snap in April. This cold-tolerant species will survive to bloom next year, but the plunge damaged many crops in the area.
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North Korea Young pupils in Sinuiju perform a dance routine for a group of Chinese tourists. The border town—separated from Dandong, China, by the Yalu River—has long been open to its neighbors. It began admitting some Western tourists in 2013.
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