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Phenomenal photos of the world’s wonders

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Kenya At a hotel in the suburbs of Nairobi, a Rothschild’s giraffe named Lynne spots an offer she can’t refuse: pellets of bran and molasses in the hand of Sala Carr-Hartley, age six. The 140-acre site is a sanctuary for the endangered subspecies.
This story ran in the April 2016 issue of National Geographic magazine.
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India In the tall grass of West Bengal, a man in the vivid guise of a Hindu deity performs a Chhau dance—a martial mix of folk, tribal, and religious elements. These theatrical dances, staged at festivals in eastern India, reenact scenes from Sanskrit epics. 
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United States Moments after a recital, seven ballerinas relax backstage at the Mahaffey Theater in St. Petersburg, Florida. Most of the four- and five-year-old girls, who had just portrayed fairies onstage, were wearing makeup for the first time.
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