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Phenomenal photos of the world’s wonders

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Spain Hundreds of brightly clad teammates form the base of a human tower during the biennial Concurs de Castells competition in Tarragona. The Catalonian cultural tradition dates to the 18th century. UNESCO officially recognized it in 2010. 
This story ran in the June 2016 issue of National Geographic magazine.
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Canada In a home aquarium in Kenora, tiny bubbles stipple the stems and skins of cherries submerged in soda water. Effervescence like this occurs when carbon dioxide saturates a liquid and clusters on smooth surfaces before rising and escaping.
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Vietnam As two women sew fishnets in the village of Vinh Hy, waves of green fabric swell like a restive sea. Fish is a key source of protein in Vietnam. The country also has extensive shrimp and catfish farms, making it one of the world’s top seafood exporters. 
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