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The Most Stunning Visions on Earth

See phenomenal photos of the world’s wonders from the October 2016 issue of National Geographic magazine.

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United States Above an abandoned house near Denton, Nebraska, a bruised summer sky crackles with atmospheric electricity. The phenomenon in this composite image—four shots taken within 20 minutes—is often called cloud-to-cloud lightning.
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Germany As mist haunts the Black Forest, a sure-footed red fox makes its way up the trunk of a half-fallen Douglas fir tree. This resourceful species, found across the Northern Hemisphere, is a symbol of cunning in many cultures and mythologies.
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England In a scene Dalí might have dreamed, rose-ringed parakeets flap to a roost in London’s Hither Green Cemetery. Thousands of the wild birds—a non-native species of debatable origin—live in the city. The trails appear via flash and long exposure.
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