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These Surprising Drinks Are the Best Thirst-Quenchers

Hint: don't ignore beer.

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According to a study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, several drinks measure as hydrating or more than still water (score of 1): From left: sports drink – 1.02, whole milk – 1.50, sparkling water – 0.98, orange juice – 1.39, oral rehydration solution – 1.54, cola – 1.23, and coffee (black, before cream) – 0.91

Move over, glycemic index. British researchers are creating a beverage hydration index. The less a drink is peed out over two hours, the higher its “BHI” compared with water, rated “1.” Minerals and nutrients, like sodium and casein protein in milk, can raise the score. Fun fact: Researcher Stuart Galloway says a few cups of beer (lager beer – 1) or tea can be as hydrating as water.


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