Tax Details

Please use this tax page to calculate tax amounts for National Geographic magazine, National Geographic History, National Geographic Traveler, National Geographic Kids, and National Geographic Little Kids

For gift subscriptions, please calculate tax based on the address the magazine will be delivered to.

United States

CO: 4.55% sales tax (2.9% state + 1.65% county)
DC: 5.75% sales tax
IN: 7% sales tax
MD: 6% sales tax
MO: 4.225% sales tax
TN: 9.25% sales tax (7% state + 2.25% County)
VT: 6% sales tax
WV: 6% sales tax


All Provinces: 5% GST
ON: 8% HST
NB, NL, NS, PE: 10% HST
MB: 8% PST
QC: 9.975% QST

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