National Geographic World Films: Mountain Patrol: Kekexili
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Mountain Patrol

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Production Diary

The Filmmakers

Lu Chuan (Director/Writer)
1998 - presentDirector of the Creative Center, China Film Group
1998Master's degree in Film Studies, Dept. of Directing, Beijing Film Academy
1993Bachelor's degree in English Language, People’s Liberation Army International Affairs
Selected Works
2003Writer/Director, Mountain Patrol: Kekexili
2001Writer/Director, The Missing Gun
1999Writer, TV series, "Black Hole"
Awards for The Missing Gun
2002Selected by Venice Film Festival "Up Stream" unit
2002Best Film Debut at Beijing University Film Festival
2002Best Film of Young Artist Category, "News Weekly" Annual Awards
2002Global Ten Best Films/Director of the Year, "STV Weekly"
2002Best Film/Best Director/Best Debut/Best Actor, Chinese Film Media Awards
2000Best Script, Taiwan Script Award

Cao Yu (Director of Photography)
Cao Yu graduated from the Department of Film Photography at the Beijing Film Academy in 1997 and is now based at the Beijing Film Studios. Prior to shooting Kekexili, he won the Young Artist Fund of the 54th Cannes Film Festival in 1997 for his graduation work, Waiting to Dodge. He was the DP of the film, Flying like a Feather, which won the Locarno International Film Festival Committee Special Award in 2001. His commercial advertising work includes: "A Crucial Moment" for China Telecom; Motorola C388, C289 mobiles; Siemens Mini8088 mobiles, which won Best Photography Award in NY Advertisement Festival; "Team China" for Pepsi. "World Cup" for Coca-Cola; "Children’s Friend" for McDonald's; and "Xrisp" for Nestle ice cream.

Lu Dong and Han Chunlin (Production Designers)
Lu Dong graduated from the Department of Stage Design at the Shanghai Academy of Drama in 1997. His previous work includes: Kala, My Dog! (2002); Eyes of a Beauty (2002);The Missing Gun (2001) and TV series, "Black Hole" (2001).

Han Chunlin studied at the Middle School attached to the China Institute of Arts from 1988-1992. He graduated from the Department of Stage Design, the Central Academy of Drama in 2002. His work was then selected by the Bragg Stage Design Exhibition. Kekexili is his first feature film.

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