Is This Cat Going Up or Down?

Evoking memories of the great dress debate, a viral photo of a feline on a staircase divides the Internet.

If you argued with your friends over whether a recent viral photo of a dress was blue and black or white and gold, here’s another visual puzzle: Is this house cat going up the stairs, or down them?

Since the photo was first posted on and began making its way around the Internet on Thursday, the debate has ignited social media outlets. Some viewers say the cat is going down the stairs because of the shape of the edges of the steps, while others say the image was taken from the top of the steps looking down.

Posting on Facebook, Indra Rahmadhani wrote that the cat must be going down. “What kind of architect who design the stairs which can make pple (sic) stumble,” Rahmadhani wrote. “It must be downside. Trust me, I'm an engineer.”

On Facebook Alfredo Rochefort Ciscutti wrote: “It's going down. When cats go down the stairs, they raise their tail to maintain balance. When they go up, the tails remain down cause balance isn't an issue.”

What do you think?

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