Photographers Capture Paris in Mourning

From vigils at the base of a statue to a quiet moment outside the Louvre, the photos show the ways Parisians grieve and come together. 

The streets of Paris, the scene of Friday’s violence, are now home to memorials as Parisians mourn and seek healing. Photographers have been documenting the many scenes of grief and hope.

Here is a selection of their photos.

Jon Lowenstein captured the scene of a vigil at the Place de la Republique, a square that honors the creation of the French Republic.

This artistic image takes a thoughtful approach to the city.

People have placed flowers at the foot of the statue in the Place de la Republique. People also gathered there in January to remember victims of the Charlie Hebdo shooting.

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Photojournalist Daniella Zalcman caught this image of Augustin Grezes, 3, leaving a candle outside of Le Petit Cambodge—one of several restaurants targeted in the November 13 attacks.

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Parisians mourn the deaths of victims at Casa Nostra, an Italian restaurant attacked by terrorists. The man at left declined to leave his name but said his brother was killed in the violence.

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A scene outside the Passage Saint-Sébastien near the Bataclan concert hall, where gunmen killed at least 80 people Friday night.

The Capitol Wheel at the National Harbor outside Washington, D.C. was one of many sites around the world lit up in Parisian colors Saturday night.

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