Vintage Photos Share the Joy of Snow

Playing in the snow is a universal, time-honored pleasure that takes many forms around the world.

This winter has been a mild one so far in much of the eastern United States and Europe, thanks to El Niño, although other parts of the world have plenty of snow to play in.

Different cultures have come up with different ways of enjoying snow and ice, from skiing to snowshoeing, skating, curling, snowball fights, or making snow angels. Some people also just like to stroll in the snowy woods or plop down in the fluff.

If you live in an area with air pollution, as most of us do now, maybe it's not the best idea to catch snowflakes on your tongue—but it sure is fun.

Whether you're looking at a white winter or not, you can check out these great photos from the National Geographic magazine archives of people enjoying snow around the world.