13 Ghostly, Surreal, and Extremely White Pictures of 'Snowzilla'

The massive storm piled snow on the U.S. Northeast.

Winter Storm Jonas, Snowzilla, Make Winter Great Again, or just plain stunning: Whatever you call the snowstorm that pummeled the U.S. Northeast this weekend, it's a record-breaker.

Heavy snow and high winds shut down public transit, roads, and airports from Washington, D.C. north through New York City. Overnight Friday in Washington, where spring-like temperatures just a month ago prompted some flowers to start blooming early, snowfall totals reached more than a foot. 

As the storm ended Sunday, snow depths totaled more than two feet. Baltimore saw its biggest snowfall on record, at nearly 30 inches. In the nation's capital, the storm approached the city's biggest on record, named for the theater it demolished in 1922: Knickerbocker. Here are some scenes from the storm so far.