17 Restful Photos of Sleep Around the World

Whether in tents, boats, or beds, these photos from our archives show what many people marking daylight saving time really want—sleep.

We spend a third of our lives sleeping, even if we don’t fully understand why. (Read more about The Secrets of Sleep here.) 

Almost every animal species has some kind of method of sleeping, from dolphins to leopards to fruit flies. Humans have varied sleeping habits as well—customs and patterns differ from culture to culture and country to country. And while studies suggest that our sleep patterns may be changing, we still find a way to rest. Flip through the above gallery to see how people from all over the world get their sleep. (Find out more about sleep deprivation among Americans here.)

As most of America gets ready to spring forward this Sunday, it’s a good time to ask how moving our clocks forward affects our internal clocks. Does moving sunlight an hour later really help us sleep better?  Does it really make us more productive?