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Indiana Jones has fought off Nazis, Russian spies and even snakes in his quest to put the world's most precious ancient treasues in a museum. National Geographic's Archaeology Fellow Fredrik Hiebert tells us what he thinks Indy should discover in the franchise's fifth film, due in theaters in 2019. What do you think Indiana Jones' latest quest should be?

Photograph by Atlaspix, Alamy

Indiana Jones Is Back! What Should He Discover Now?

Tell us what you think Indy's (most likely) final mission should be.

Raiders fans got a big boost this month when Disney confirmed that Steven Spielberg and Harrison Ford will be back for another Indiana Jones adventure. The fifth film in the franchise will hit theatres in summer 2019, when Ford is 77.

This will probably be the final Indy film for the spry septuagenarian (climbing in and out of excavation trenches does a number on the knees, to say nothing of fighting off Nazis and Russian spies).

So what should Indy find for his last archaeological hurrah? Last year National Geographic archaeology fellow Fredrik Hiebert shared seven ancient mysteries he thinks we'll solve this century, from discovering lost civilizations in South America and the tombs of legendary leaders like Genghis Khan and Alexander the Great, to deciphering the language of the Minoans and recovering an intact Neanderthal. (See the seven ancient mysteries archaeologists will solve this century.)

We asked Hiebert, who has also curated the National Geographic Museum exhibit "Indiana Jones and the Adventure of Archaeology," what he thought Indiana Jones' final discovery should be.

"Finding the tomb of a great figure of the past would be a great theme for the next Indy film," says Hiebert, who points to the incredible advances in imaging technology that now enable archaeologists to discover ancient sites using tools such as LiDAR and satellites.

"We're so close to actually being able to find the tomb of Genghis Khan or Alexander the Great without even putting a shovel in the ground. It's amazing for us!" he exclaims. "But probably not so great for the cinematographer," Hiebert adds. "They'd probably want Indy running around some exotic locale instead of sitting in front of a laptop."

Of the seven ancient mysteries archaeologists will solve in the 21st century, which one should be Indy's final great discovery?

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