Quiz: These Tiny Countries Are Real. Which One Fits You?

There’s a slew of tiny nations in the world, each with their own personality. 

Scattered throughout the world's internationally recognized nations are tiny, largely unrecognized "micronations:" wannabe countries formed of a desire for independence, entertainment, or political dissent. Many of these pseudo-countries take advantage of geographic gray zones to assert their rule, and some have managed to survive for decades, or even centuries.

Some micronations are serious (the Sovereign Military Order of Malta is recognized by the United Nations), while others were built in the name of fun (in Nevada, the Republic of Molossia hosts the "Intermicronational Olympic Games"). They've been brought to court by their host countries (hippie-filled Akhziv Land was sued by Israel under the charge of "Creation of a Country Without Permission") and gone to war (Sealand, on a WWII British sea fort, fought off a coup attempt). Many create their own flags, currencies, and passports. Some even send ambassadors abroad. But what they all have in common is an abundance of character.

In many cases, gaining citizenship to these countries requires little more than a signature or a couple bucks toward a royal title. Looking for a new place to call home? Find out here which micronation you're best suited to live in.