Photograph by William Culver, Nat Geo Image Collection
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Photograph by William Culver, Nat Geo Image Collection
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Update: The winner of this contest has been posted here.

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Who wrote the best caption for this photo?

Last Week’s Winner

The winner for last week’s contest is Nat Geo member Shelby Warren, who wrote:

“Now THESE, are spirit fingers.”

The runners-up were:

Eliot De Diego Watson: “Good,” thought Tobias, “no one will notice my awful tie.”

Chris Brauner: “Can someone please zip up my fly for me?”

Lisa Sheehy: Thunderbolt [and] lightning, very very frightening

There were also lots of hertz puns, Edward Scissorhands references, and quotes from songs and poems (“Electric Avenue,” “I Sing the Body Electric,” etc.)

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