See the Beauty of National Parks Captured From Space

On the Park Service’s centennial, take a look at these satellite photos of some of our favorite parks.

When President Woodrow Wilson signed the legislation to create the National Park Service on August 25, 1916, there were 34 places that had already been established as national parks. Now, a hundred years later, the Park Service oversees more than 4,000 parks, landmarks, seashores, and other protected areas.

To celebrate the centennial, we’ve collected satellite images of the lands the NPS manages. The images show the parks’ diverse topography in ways you wouldn’t normally be able to see. (Quiz: Can You Identify These National Parks From Their Pictures?)

If you’re inspired by these parks and want to learn more about the system, or if you want to figure out which park is right for you to visit, check out our Power of Parks stories here, and review our national park guides here.

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