Striking Photos Show The People v. Climate Change

The Your Shot community shared their best photos in response to our #MyClimateAction challenge—see editors' weekly top picks here.

An incredibly complex web of cause and effect that’s global in scope, climate change is like light itself: enormously present, yet difficult to directly perceive. It’s just as likely to make its presence known in overly tough goat meat in Kenya as it is in a terrifying “gateway to hell” in Sibera.

But where do we, as individuals, come across the effects of climate change? What does it actually look like to us? And what are we doing about it?

Photographers of the National Geographic Your Shot community responded to our #MyClimateAction challenge, sharing stunning photos in answer to these very questions. Scroll through this gallery of editors’ picks to see how people around the world are taking a stand against climate change.

This gallery was originally published on March 8, and updates weekly.

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