Photograph by Ferg Horne, AP
Photograph by Ferg Horne, AP

Wild Rabbits Ride Sheep to Escape Floods

A farmer in New Zealand captured three rabbits riding to safety on the backs of sheep.

To escape rising floodwaters in New Zealand, three wild rabbits took the comfortable route to higher land—casually riding on the backs of sheep.

Ferg Horne, a 64-year-old farmer who lives on New Zealand’s South Island, captured the July 22 event on his phone, according to the Associated Press.

While making his way through rain to rescue his neighbor’s 40 sheep, Horne told the AP he saw the sheep huddled together on the farm, standing in about three inches of water. (Watch "Mother Rabbit Viciously Attacks Snake—Find Out Why")

What caught his eye, however, were several dark figures in the herd. Upon closer inspection, he realized it was three wild rabbits—two on one sheep and a third on another sheep—hitching a ride toward safer ground.


In an effort to save both the sheep and the rabbits, Horne steered the herd to a dry patch of land. Despite the rugged ride, the rabbits were able to cling to the wool. (Watch "Dramatic Rescues Show Intensity of China’s Deadly Floods")

“As they jumped through the water, the rabbits had a jolly good try at staying on,” Horne told the AP.

Once the sheep reached dry land, the rabbits fell off before climbing a hedge to safety. When Horne returned later that afternoon, he said the sheep were all safe, and the rabbits had moved on.

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