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People sent one-minute video submissions to National Geographic's CHASING GENIUS under the topics of Sustainable Planet, Global Health, and Feeding Nine Billion. Voting for the People's Choice winner is open until September 15.

Vote on More Than 40 Ideas for Improving the World

Now that finalists from the National Geographic's CHASING GENIUS challenge have been revealed, the race is on for the People's Choice prize.

Transformational ideas can come from anywhere. From anyone. National Geographic’s CHASING GENIUS has been soliciting ideas around three issues: sustainable planet, global health, and feeding nine billion. Now the finalists have been chosen, and four of them will win $25,000 each. Check out the video submissions and vote for your favorite by September 15.

If the latest headlines have you looking for a bit of hopeful news, be sure visit this page. That's where you'll find the newly revealed finalists at National Geographic's CHASING GENIUS, a digital community focused on ideas for changing the world.

The challenge attracted thousands of bright, innovative visions, which the judges have now narrowed down to the best of the best. Four of them will win $25,000 each, and one of those, the People's Choice, will be determined by audience votes.

People from all over the world have shared their ideas at CHASING GENIUS since the contest opened in June—students and teachers, researchers and retirees, science geeks and free thinkers. Among the finalists, there are solutions for cleaner water, smarter food production, and preventing diseases. In scope, the concepts range from connecting whole communities to reinventing items small enough to put in our pockets. But one thing they all have in common is notion that one seemingly simple idea can have huge impacts.

Spouts of Hope While spending a summer in Uganda teaching school, Kathy Ku experienced first-hand one of the biggest problems facing Ugandan families today - access to clean drinking water. Teaming up with a fellow Harvard student, she devised a solution.

As submissions flowed in, they sparked lively discussions, drawing questions about how the proposals work and generating new thoughts about how they could be made even better. Some commenters pointed to others' ideas (or their own) that might be of interest. It was clear that all of us have something to contribute when it comes to making the planet more sustainable, improving global health, and feeding 9 billion people.

Now it's time to select a winner, and your opinion counts. To vote, visit the finalists page on CHASING GENIUS and pick your favorite. Voters can each weigh in once a day until September 15.