Explore Life on 'Mars' in Our 360° Video Tour

We’re bringing you live to the set of MARS 2, where the cast and creators will show how real science and engineering inspired the series.


Tune in live at 12 p.m. ET on September 5.

Sending humans to Mars will be one of the most difficult and challenging endeavors in human history—and it will only get harder once we actually try to live there. Every component of human habitation on the red planet will be the product of intense research and engineering.

In this first look at season 2 of the National Geographic series MARS, we will take you on a live 360-degree tour of the extensive Mars Base, set up on a soundstage in Budapest, Hungary.

Join the MARS cast and the production design team to explore the amazing fully immersive sets, and find out about the real science and engineering that inspired them.