Quiz: Which of These Pioneering Tech Ideas Are Real?

National Geographic's CHASING GENIUS is back with an UNLIMITED INNOVATION challenge—get your ideas flowing with this quiz.

Transformational ideas can come from anywhere. From anyone. National Geographic’s CHASING GENIUS is now soliciting ideas for how we can use the power of connectivity to imagine a better world. Check out the challenge, where the best idea can win $25,000.

Every day, it seems, your phone acquires yet another skill. Mobile devices have become instruments of extreme convenience for many of us, from hailing a ride to ordering lunch. And enterprising thinkers around the world are going further, imagining ways that connectivity and data can tackle serious problems in people's lives.

From delivering healthcare to saving the planet, our devices and the networks that power them carry unlimited potential to address global issues. With the UNLIMITED INNOVATION challenge, National Geographic's CHASING GENIUS will again be inviting you to share your own breakthrough ideas for the chance to win $25,000. This time, the theme is connectivity and the ways it can be used to improve our world.

The inaugural CHASING GENIUS challenge last year drew inspiring submissions aimed at a more sustainable planet, improving global health, and feeding a future population of nine billion.

How much do you know about the creative ways technology and data are being applied to long standing problems? Take this quiz, and see what ideas of your own come to mind. The challenge begins on January 23: To enter, visit natgeochasinggenius.com.