Photograph by Enric Sala, Nat Geo Image Collection
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A Galapagos sea lion chases a large school of fish off Isabela Island. The National Geographic Society's Pristine Seas website has been nominated for a Webby award.

Photograph by Enric Sala, Nat Geo Image Collection

Your Vote Could Help National Geographic Win a Webby Award

From social media campaigns to virtual reality, National Geographic was busy this past year.

A Webby is a funny-sounding award given for seriously good work.

Brands and media organizations win the award for being excellent on the Internet. The Webby Awards began when the Web was merely an infant, in 1996, and has since come into its own.

In addition to expert storytelling, the awards honor the best in categories like advertising, games, and social media presence.

Each Webby category has two awards—the Webby Award and The Webby's People's Voice Award. A team of 2,000 judges from the International Academy of Digital Arts and Science nominates outlets from each category and picks the winner of the former award.

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National Geographic's look at hummingbirds in flight earned us several Webby awards. See the full story here.

The latter is up to you.

Below, we've assembled our 2018 Webby nominations for National Geographic. From a live video feed of safari animals, to images of a dying planetary probe—the nominations encompass everything we've put out there on the world wide web this year.

Voting ends on April 19.

Here's the nominations for National Geographic:

Social Media

Best Overall Social Presence: Vote for National Geographic

Best Overall Presence, Education: Vote for National Geographic

Best Photography and Graphics: Vote for @NatGeo Instagram

Best Social Video Series: Vote for Safari Live

Educational Video: Vote for National Geographic's 101 Series

Events and Live Streaming: Vote for Safari Live

Promotions and Contests: Vote for AirBnB Eclipse

Social: Animals, Vote for Safari Live


Best Use of Photography: Vote for National Geographic

Best Use of Animation or Motion Graphics: Vote for “Cassini's Grand Tour”

Best Data Visualization: Vote for “Seven Things to Know About Climate Change”

Best Welcome Page: Vote for the National Geographic Society

Best Use of Video or Moving Image: Vote for “Hummingbirds”

Green Initiatives: Vote for Pristine Seas

Travel: Vote for National Geographic Travel

Youth: Vote for National Geographic Kids

Mobile Experience

Best Visual Design: Vote for “Hummingbirds”

Film and Video

Branded Entertainment: Vote for Nike Breaking 2


Experience Marketing: Vote for Genius Chalkboard

Messaging/Bots: Vote for the Genius Bot