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Forget those so-called survivors battling for bucks on glorified game shows. National Geographic explorers face thrilling, often perilous, situations every day: surviving shark bites, dealing with mutinous expeditioneers, conquering Everest, scaling simmering volcanoes, weathering death threats in the Amazon. You name it, they’ve lived through it.

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From: Congo Trek
Portrait of conservationist Michael Fay walking through deep forest “[The elephant] put his head down for the charge, and I made another attempt to stop him, yelling even louder.”
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—Michael Fay,

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Photograph by Michael Nichols/Magnum
Outpost Expeditions

DinoQuest: Sahara
Scour the desert for seriously strange dinosaur giants with paleontologist Paul Sereno, who has already posted photo-filled dispatches on his latest finds!

an elephant
Congo Trek
Conservationist Mike Fay is on a yearlong journey through Africa’s wild heart. He’s encountering sights, sounds, and even animals unfamiliar to most humans. And so will you.

a dolphin
Blue Frontier
Dive with National Geographic explorer Sylvia Earle on the Sustainable Seas Expeditions, an unprecedented exploration into the U.S. National Marine Sanctuaries.

Hominid skull
In Search of Human Origins
From parched soil in southern Africa paleoanthropologist Lee Berger harvested tantalizing clues to our oldest ancestors. Relive his fossil hunt through photo-filled dispatches, and get an evolution overview.
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