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Multimedia Profile: Inside the Tornado
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The National Geographic Out There TV series profiled remarkable individuals in the field—explorers who faced dangers head on and risk it all to get the shot, find the answer, and solve the mystery.

Grantees Exploration News

From dino hunters to tornado chasers, National Geographic research grantees are always out there. Now Toyota has donated Land Cruiser SUVs to 11 grantees who embody the National Geographic Out There spirit >>

From National Geographic News

•  Storm Chaser Deploys Probe, Makes History

•  Married Couple Conquers All “Three” Poles

•  Anaconda Expert Wades Barefoot in Venezuela's Swamps

•  Behind the Search for the “Afghan Girl”

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Inside the Tornado

Join tornado researcher Tim Samaras as he races to capture tornado data—from inside. Can he do it without becoming a statistic himself? See—and hear—for yourself >>

Lemurs in Peril

On the African island of Madagascar, these bug-eyed primates are disappearing as bush-meat hunters take aim and land developers destroy habitat. But primatologist Mireya Mayor is Out There, fighting for the last lemurs. Multimedia slide show >>

A Wildland Firefighter Speaks

Each summer wildland firefighters face oppressive conditions and sometimes even death. What keeps them coming back? See—and hear—for yourself >>

Learn more about Toyota’s and National Geographic’s partnership.

Photographs by Jim Webb and Layne Kennedy/CORBIS

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