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Return to Midway @ nationalgeographic.com
Robert Ballard dove deeper than ever to find the carrier Yorktown, a casualty of World War II’s Battle of Midway. Relive the hunt and revisit the battle through dispatches, maps, photos, survivors’ stories, and more.

Ballard and the Black Sea: The Search for Noah’s Flood @ nationalgeographic.com
Browse dispatches from the expedition that confirmed the Black Sea as the site of a flood of biblical proportions.

Explorers-in-Residence: Robert D. Ballard @ nationalgeographic.com
Get to know the man who found Titanic.

The Admiral Nimitz Museum and Historical Center
Ever wanted to see a Japanese midget sub that was used in the Pearl Harbor raid? Pay a visit to this Texas museum, which focuses on the Pacific battles of World War II.

Japanese Type A Midget Submarines used in the attack on Pearl Harbor

Find out what happened to the five mini-subs unleashed on Pearl Harbor and see rare interior and exterior photos.

National Park Service: U.S.S. Arizona Memorial
Don’t miss the inDEPTH section of this site, which gives a comprehensive, photo-filled account of the disaster that accounted for roughly half of the fatalities during the Pearl Harbor attack.

Naval Station: Pearl Harbor
Take a look around the Pearl Harbor military operation of today, courtesy of the U.S. Navy.

Pearl Harbor: Attack From Below
Read the controversial report that, on the basis of photo analysis, claims that a midget sub was instrumental in sinking at least one U.S. battleship in Pearl Harbor.

National Geographic Resources

Book Ballard, Robert D. Battle for Midway. 1998. (Available in our store.)
CD-ROM Maps: The War Series. (Available in our store.)
DVD Battle for Midway. (Available in our store.)
Video Battle for Midway. (Available in our store.)
Video Search for Battleship Bismarck. (Available in our store.)
DVD Secrets of the Titanic. (Available in our store.)
Video Secrets of the Titanic. (Available in our store.)
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Allen, Thomas B. "Pearl Harbor—A Return to the Day of Infamy." December 1991. (Available in our store.)
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Simpich, Frederick, Jr. "Life on the Hawaii Front.’" October 1942. (Available in our store.)
NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC Perkins, George C. "The Key to the Pacific." April 1908.

Search for these and other National Geographic resources in our publications index and our store.

Additional Resources

Barker, A.J. Pearl Harbor. Ballantine Books, 1969.

Burlingame, Burl. Advance Force Pearl Harbor: The Imperial Navy’s Underwater Assault on America. Pacific Monograph, 1992.

Goldstein, Donald M., and others. The Way it Was: Pearl Harbor—The Original Photographs. Prange Enterprises, 1991.

Aerial view of Pearl Harbor showing Ford Island at center

Photograph from Corbis

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