Photograph by Jasmine Wiggins
Photograph by Jasmine Wiggins

Why You Should Make a Frittata Right Now

Frittatas are my ultimate go-to meal.

When I am crunched for time it is usually the one thing standing between me and having popcorn for dinner. What’s a frittata? Besides the cure for the common dinner, it is a delicious blend of eggs, milk, cheese, and vegetables. I like to think of it as a lazy man’s quiche. Here are nine reasons you need to make a frittata right now.

1. They are cheap to make. Well, the main ingredients, eggs, are cheap. A couple bucks for a dozen and you’ve got yourself a veritable feast.

2. No need to go to the store, you probably have all the ingredients lying around your kitchen already. A few simple ingredients like cheese, herbs, and vegetables are all you need.

3. Frittatas are a great vehicle for spring produce from the farmers market. Don’t know what to do with spring onions or that strangely intimidating vegetable you’ve never seen before?  Put it in a frittata.

4. You can recycle what you’ve got on hand. Go ahead throw in that last bit of cilantro or half onion you’ve got in your fridge.

5. You can make it vegetarian and gluten free. It’s a great source of protein and it can be consumed without much guilt. If you’re watching calories, you can substitute egg whites for some of the yolks.

6. It’s a fast meal. Since eggs cook quickly, this dish can be whipped out in a matter of minutes.

7. They are also super easy to make. If you can put things in a hot pan, you can make a frittata.

8. You can serve them hot or cold, which makes them great to pack for lunches. They are also very portable. Did someone say picnic?

9. You can even make this dish in one pan. My favorite is the cast iron skillet. You can use any pan that is labeled to go from the stove to oven. Less clean up!

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Asparagus and Sundried Tomato Frittata

8 eggs
½ bunch asparagus
1 clove garlic
1 small, sweet yellow onion
¼ cup crème fraiche (or milk)
½ cup diced sun-dried tomatoes
1 cup gruyere
½ small jalapeño
2 teaspoons olive oil
salt and pepper to taste

1. Preheat oven on broil setting.

2. Whisk together the eggs, crème fraiche or milk, cheese, sun dried tomatoes, jalapeño, salt and pepper.

3. In a cast iron skillet, sauté the onion, garlic, and asparagus in the olive oil over medium heat until asparagus is bright green and onions are soft, about 3-4 minutes. Remove the asparagus.

4. Pour the egg mixture into the skillet and lay the asparagus lengthwise gently on top. Cook over medium heat until barely set, about 3-4 minutes. Transfer skillet to oven and cook until set, about 4-5 minutes. Serve warm with a green salad and a hunk of crusty bread.