Photographs by Rebecca Hale, NGM Staff
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Clockwise from top left: Israeli shakshuka, Greek Easter bread (tsoureki), mini quiches and a deviled egg from #NatGeoEggFest
Photographs by Rebecca Hale, NGM Staff

Beyond Breakfast: A Festival of Eggs

To welcome spring and celebrate the fact that the government now says that eating an egg a day is A-OK, we asked the National Geographic staff to bring in their favorite egg dishes to share this week. They responded to our #NatGeoEggFest challenge with global inspiration.

In our kitchen, mini French quiche, Israeli shakshuka (eggs in spicy tomato sauce), Greek Easter bread (tsoureki) and a devil of an egg topped the offerings. But you can pretty much fry an egg and put it on top of anything. (If you’re a popular chain restaurant, you can probably make a few bucks doing that.)

But eggs go way beyond inexpensive vehicles of protein. They symbolize new life in many cultures, and have been pushed around on the White House lawn every year since 1878. Read It’s Spring. Time to Crack Some Eggs for more egg dishes and spring rituals, including my new favorite, cascarones. Think of them as personal-sized piñatas.

What did we miss? Add your favorites in the comments below.