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Crete’s Motto May Be Live Long, Eat Well, and Prosper

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Oranges, chard and wine for lunch in Crete.

The people living on the Greek island of Crete have reaped the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet since long before it became popular with the rest of the world. Enjoying olive oil, fresh herbs, and seafood, all grown, gathered or caught from their surroundings, has made Cretans happy and healthy.

As part of our Future of Food series, photographer Matthieu Paley went to eight remote parts of the world to document the evolution of diet. Our video team captured his lectures about this work in a series of videos.

Watch as Paley experiences a joyous, never-ending Cretan meal complete with snails, dozens of wild herbs, and of course, lots of wine!

We Are What We Eat: Crete