Photograph by Matthieu Paley for National Geographic
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A Hadza man goes hunting with bow and arrows in Tanzania.
Photograph by Matthieu Paley for National Geographic

Hunting Birds and Honey and Weed in Tanzania

Believe it or not, reaching into killer bees’ nests with their bare hands isn’t the most impressive thing about the Hadza people of Tanzania. The truly remarkable thing about the Hadza is that thanks to their hunter gatherer lifestyle, they have lived in Hadza land for 40,000 years and left zero environmental impact.

As part of our Future of Food series, photographer Matthieu Paley went to remote parts of the world to document the evolution of diet. Our video team captured his NG Live lectures about this work in a series of seven videos.

Watch as Hadza men—the last remaining hunter-gatherers—hunt everything but elephants and snakes, children enjoy the “the ultimate power bar,” and everyone takes marijuana breaks throughout the day.

We Are What We Eat: Tanzania