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Your Shot: Hot Dog Photos From a Former Hot Dog

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The Oscar Mayer Wienermoblie at West 75th Street in New York City.

Thursday is National Hot Dog Day.

As a photo editor, I figured the best way to promote it is with pictures…pictures of hot dogs.

I feel like I have an obligation here, and it goes beyond my current occupation. When I was in college, my roommate interned at a local television station. She told me I could make $20 an hour if I dressed up in an Oscar Mayer Wiener costume and hung out in front of the Wienermobile. We spent many hours at amusement parks, fairs, and mini-golf courses. Fortunately (for me), I don’t have any photos from this time to share with you. But fortunately (for all of us), we have many more photos of non-human hot dogs this gallery.

Putting this together made me hungry. I’m going to get a hot dog. They’re better to eat than they are to impersonate.


Nicole Werbeck is a senior photo editor for digital content at National Geographic. She swears dressing as a food was a one-time thing.