Photograph by Spencer Millsap
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Glasgow's George Square—not somewhere we're going, but one place we've been.
Photograph by Spencer Millsap

Welcome to Onward

Welcome to our brand new blog. You’ll notice we underwent a facelift. We also got a new name: Onward sums up who we are and what we do. Spencer Millsap and I—that’s us at the top of the page!—are curious about the world. We’re reporters who like to keep moving. With the generous support of the editors of National Geographic, Onward is a project to explore the world and tell its untold stories. Sometimes we’ll be out on assignment. Sometimes we’ll be reporting from National Geographic HQ. All of our dispatches will live here.

Speaking of which, in a few days we’re planning to hit the road. We’re taking our cameras and notebooks to a few different countries to spotlight some innovative ideas and big thinkers. If you have ideas about what we should cover, leave them in the comments below. Or tweet us at @danenroute and @spono.

Lastly, one programming note. Onward is a two-man team, but there are a lot of people at National Geographic who helped us get this fancy new website on its feet—specifically the NG Magazine creative services team, including Jody Sugrue, Melissa Wiley, Roy Wilhelm, Maggie Smith, and Matt Twombly. (Matt, by the way, is the creative ace who drew those Indiana Jones portraits). We each owe our firstborns to Maggie Zackowitz and Bill Marr for making Onward happen. And of course a grateful salute to Chris Johns, the captain of our mighty ship.

Now let’s get on the road. Join us.