We’re Going Around the World

Starting today, Spencer and I are shipping out. We have a few destinations in mind, but our style is to move with the wind. We’re planning to meet with some innovators, and we’ll hope to come across many more. As we’ve said before, if you have suggestions, leave them below.

Also, we’re having a Twitter chat in a few days. Along with our colleague Andrew Evans over at NG Traveler, we’ll be answering your questions from the road, about the road. Join us Thursday, October 24 at 5 p.m. EST (9 p.m. GMT). We’ll be at @danenroute, @spono, and @wheresandrew and will be using the hashtag #enroute. Start sending us your questions whenever they come to mind.

Now, for our first destination. Here’s a clue:

We’re heading out #onward real soon
To a place with great views of the moon
With colors and lights
And crazy cold ice
We’ll make time for its famous lagoon.