Video: The Joy of Travel

That feeling when the wheels touch down on the runway, I love that moment. It’s exhilarating, both to feel the Earth again and mark your arrival on a specific journey.

Over the course of this month, we’ve taken a lot of plane rides. Every flight has character. Sometimes it’s because of a fantastic view you catch over the wing. Or it can be the fascinating person you meet in the next seat. I once sat next to a man, maybe 40 years old, who confided that it was his first ever ride on an airplane. When we passed through the clouds I wondered, “How can I explain the concept of turbulence to this terrified guy?”

We’ve all sat next to the crying baby, or in the seat that won’t recline. But at the end of those flights, whatever downsides tend to fade away, replaced by the fact that you traveled. You went somewhere. You saw someone far away, or experienced something new.

That—more than the exotic food we’ve eaten and the fascinating people we’ve met—is the best part about what we’re doing. To stay in motion. Our partner on this road has been Emirates, the airline that has carried us on many connections. I can say without any nudging that it’s an incredibly dynamic airline, luxurious and efficient in getting from A to B, and incredibly worthy of our gratitude. Emirates has helped us move, which is much more than just a verb. It’s the necessary step to seeing the world and the introduction to tomorrow.