Photograph by Daniel Stone
Photograph by Daniel Stone

Stop #5: Bangalore, India—Why We Came

The size and the smells were one reason. The pace of the population was another. But really, there’s no place in the world like India. It’s a country that’s also a subcontinent that also sometimes feels like a planet of its own. More than a billion people live in India, and yet, with 22 official languages, more than half a dozen dominant religions, there’s little that unites them all.

One other truth about India: It’s not slowing down. The subcontinent is moving faster fueled by a growing number of young people. There are 300 million people who will be under 35 over the next few decades and they’re interested in tomorrow’s India, the India that will lead the world in new ideas and the India that will be able to implement them faster than anyone.

Speaking of ideas and speed, the specific reason we came to Bangalore was to meet one of those millennials. Raghava KK is what you might get if you mix an artist with an activist with a driver of social change. He’s not interested in breaking laws or turning his back on traditional India. He wants to make tomorrow’s India more connected and more productive.

Raghava will give us a tour of his India, and introduce us to the young people pushing India forward. In such a vibrant and bustling country, there are a lot of senses to use.