Video: Full Circle Around the Earth

The Earth is vast—nearly 25,000 miles at its fattest. We’ve gone even further than that as we zigzagged between continents. And now, after a few days producing a story in Hawaii, we’re headed back to the U.S. mainland.

For those of you who joined the ride, thanks for coming along. We hope you enjoyed yourself, and learned a little about the Earth and some people who are shaping its future. To review, here are our stories from Iceland, Italy, Tanzania, India, Indonesia, and Guam. We’ll have a bonus feature next week on the world’s rarest plants on Hawaii and the rock-star botanist trying to save them, so check back in for that.

We also can’t take a breather without another tip of the hat to Emirates Airlines for sponsoring this journey. Emirates’ jets flew us everywhere our routes intersected with theirs, very reliably and in style. The airline’s slogan, “Hello tomorrow,” was apt for an adventure like ours, between many cities, and across every time zone there is. So as they say from our current perch in Hawaii, mahalo.

And now it’s time for a nap.