30 mesmerizing vintage pictures from the Nat Geo archives

As we near the end of summer, a sense of uncertainty still looms large for many of us. It’s hard to keep your spirits high when so much of the future remains unknown. While curating images for Photo of the Day, I was reminded of why we are social distancing and what we are fighting to get back to.

Robert Sisson’s picture of a women’s water ski team evoked past vacations with family on the lake.

Steve Raymer’s image of an ice cream shop packed to the brim with smiling customers reminded me of grabbing a sweat treat on a warm day.

Lynsey Addario’s photo of a crowd dancing to Bollywood beats brought back pleasant memories of simply hanging out with friends and loved ones.

Most of all, I was reminded that we're all in this together.

I hope this collection of vintage images brings you a bit of joy as we head into fall.

Breann Birkenbuel is the editor for Photo of the Day. Melody Rowell writes and researches the captions.