Own Some of Nat Geo's Best Photography

In honor of Earth Day, National Geographic is selling prints of some of the world's best nature photography from the past decade.

In honor of Earth Day and the photographers who make our Earth more accessible, National Geographic is having a flash sale for six days. Learn more about how you can bring this stunning nature photography into your home.

From the wild ranges of Yellowstone to the canopy of a Bornean rainforest, National Geographic photographers have captured some of the world's best images.

While many of the photographs featured online and in print have offered readers a breathtaking glimpse of faraway places or beautifully inspiring visuals, much of the work done by contributors to the magazine also makes a difference in the world.

Photographer Tim Laman's work put a spotlight on the threats orangutans face from loss of habitat. Ami Vitale documented the setbacks and successes of China's panda conservation program. And Joel Sartore is on a mission to photograph every endangered animal in the world—before they become extinct.

The photographs above feature some of the most illuminating, far-reaching and stunning photography by National Geographic photographers in the last 10 years. Read through the captions to discover the story behind each photo.