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Instants: Wolves, Sunfish and Orcas

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Left: An orca off the coast British Columbia. Right: A lone wolf rests in the intertidal zone along the British Columbia coast.

In our new series “Instants,” the Proof staff brings you a snapshot of recent dispatches from the @natgeo Instagram feed. Follow us to experience more from National Geographic on Instagram.

What do wolves, a giant sunfish and orcas have to do with each other?

They are all subjects that photographer Paul Nicklen has been shooting with his partner Cristina Mittermeier on recent National Geographic assignments in British Columbia.

Nicklen, a regular contributor to National Geographic, has been posting images from his trip to the @natgeo Instagram feed. Here we bring you a selection of his close-up encounters with the area’s marine and terrestrial wildlife.

Look for more images from these stories in future issues of National Geographic magazine. For more of Paul Nicklen on Proof, see his incredible pictures of surfers underneath waves and learn more about his photographic inspirations in this video interview.

A lone wolf rests in the intertidal zone along the British Columbia coast, where it patiently waits for low tide in order to feed on the bounty of this productive emerald sea.

April Bencze locks into a blue water ballet of movement, light and color with a huge Mola mola sunfish, 80 miles off the West coast of Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Here, warm water currents allow a plethora of exotic marine life to exist on the periphery of BC’s nutrient rich cold water.

A message in a bottle that Paul Nicklen and Cristina Mittermeier found while on assignment in British Columbia.

An orca off the coast British Columbia, shot while on assignment with Cristina Mittermeier. When the water is so glassy calm that it holds the colors of the morning sky on its surface, the reflection of these orcas creates mesmerizing visuals and energy.

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