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Photo of the Day: A Year of Images in 30 Seconds

You’re well aware that we’re big fans of photography here at National Geographic. We wouldn’t dream of telling a story without the right photograph to bring whatever it is we’re talking about to wherever you might be. That’s why I love Photo of the Day—it’s the place where we feature the most striking images from our incredible reservoir of already striking images—the photos that speak for themselves, transporting you around the world both visually and emotionally. The photos that inspire you to see for yourself, to learn more about the intricacies of our planet, and to be a more curious, adventurous, and creative human being.

If these photos leave us feeling inspired every day, we wondered what their collective impact would be. An entire year of Photo of the Day. And for a look at the top ten reader favorites, check out Photo of the Day: Best of 2014. Enjoy!

Images used in Photo of the Day are curated from National Geographic magazineNational Geographic magazine, Your Shot, Proof, Traveler Photo Contest, National Geographic Photo Contest, and more. Join the Your Shot community where you can upload your photos for the chance to be featured in Photo of the Day. Be sure to use the #PhotoOfTheDay hashtag.


Scroll Down for full story information about the National Geographic magazine images featured in Photo of the Day this year.

Visions on Earth,” October 2013, Photographs by Abelardo Morell

Paradise Revisited,” November 2013, Photographs by David Doubilet

Follow the Water: Journey to the Heart of Norway,” November 2013, Photographs by Erlend and Orsolya Haarberg

Ghost Cats,” December 2013, Photographs by Steve Winter

To Walk the World,” December 2013, Photographs by John Stanmeyer

The Weed That Won the West,” December 2013, Photographs by Diane Cook and Len Jenshel

The Unexpected Walrus,” December 2013, Photoraphs by Paul Nicklen

Putin’s Party,” January 2014, Photographs by Thomas Dworzak

Impossible Rock,” January 2014, Photographs by Jimmy Chin

Once Upon a Dragon,” January 2014, Photographs by Stefano Unterthiner

Yukon: Canada’s Wild West,” February 2014, Photographs by Paul Nicklen

Brunelleschi’s Dome,” February 2014, Photographs by Dave Yoder

Karma of the Crowd,” February 2014, Photographs by Alex Webb

Yukon: Canada’s Wild West,” February 2014, Photographs by Paul Nicklen

Quicksilver,” March 2014, Photographs by Brian Skerry

Where Greenstone Grows,” March 2014, Photographs by Michael Melford

People of the Horse,” March 2014, Erika Larsen

Call of the Bloom,” March 2014, Photographs by Merlin D. Tuttle

Cosmic Dawn,” April 2014, Photographs by Dave Yoder

A Tale of Two Atolls,” April 2014, Photographs by Thomas P. Peschak

The Generous Gulf,” May 2014, Photographs by David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes

Love and Loss on the Seine,” May 2014, Photographs by William Albert Allard

Puffin Therapy,” June 2014, Photographs by Danny Green

Life Beyond Earth,” July 2014, Photographs by Mark Thiessen

Empire of Rock,” July 2014, Photographs by Carsten Peter

The Next Breadbasket,” July 2014, Photographs by Robin Hammond

Big Fish,” July 2014, Photographs by David Doubilet and Jennifer Hayes

The Wells of Memory,” July 2014, Photographs by John Stanmeyer

Gombe Family Album,” August 2014, Photographs by Anup Shah and Fiona Rogers

Before Stonehenge,” August 2014, Photographs by Jim Richardson

The Hidden World of the Great War,” August 2014, Photographs by Jeffrey Gusky

The Meaning of North,” August 2014, Photograph by Cory Richards

The Evolution of Diet,” September 2014, Photographs by Matthieu Paley

A World Apart,” September 2014, Photographs by Brian Skerry

50 Years of Wilderness,” September 2014, Photographs by Michael Melford

Rethinking Nero,” September 2014, Photographs by Richard Barnes and Alex Majoli

When the Snows Fail,” October 2014, Photographs by Peter Essick

Medieval Mountain Hideaway,” October 2014, Photographs by Aaron Huey

Monkeys of Morocco,” November 2014, Photographs by Francisco Mingorance

Lowcountry Legacy,” November 2014, Photographs by Vincent J. Musi

Cowboys on the Edge,” December 2014, Photographs by Tomás Munita

Cross Currents,” December 2014, Photographs by Thomas P. Peschak

Blessed. Cursed. Claimed.” December 2014, Photographs by John Stanmeyer

The First Artists,” January 2015, Photographs by Stephen Alvarez

Africa’s First City,” January 2015, Photographs by Robin Hammond

The First Bird,” January 2015, Photographs by Klaus Nigge

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