See the Most Colorful Places on Earth

Incredible images capture the vibrance of different locations across the globe.

Nature is capable of producing spectacular colors.

Seen in the first photo above is Yellowstone's Grand Prismatic Spring. The seemingly fluorescent green-blue water surrounded by bright yellows and oranges is the surprising result of heat-loving bacteria that survive in the scalding water. Other light shows on Earth have less organic origins.

The bright green auroras seen over Vatnajokull National Park in Iceland are the result of fast-moving electrons colliding with oxygen and nitrogen in the Earth's atmosphere, and the vibrant red colors found in Antelope Canyon in Arizona result from the rock's iron-rich composition interacting with exposure to oxygen over time.

While the Earth is capable of producing an abundance of hues naturally, human development is also adding color to the landscape in the form of multi-hued agricultural patches and vibrantly-painted buildings.

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