12 Photographs Show the Wonder and Whimsy of Storytelling

To celebrate the twelfth anniversary of Your Shot, our global photography community, editors reflect on their favorite images.

Twelve years ago, Your Shot began as just a page in National Geographic magazine. Back then, you would e-mail your photographs to a web address, and an editor would dig through submissions to select one image to be published. Fast forward twelve years, and we have a full-fledged online photo community with over 900,000 members, representing 165 countries. In that time, approximately eight million photos have been uploaded to the site. You could say we have a grown quite a bit.

Each day we discover a new batch of amazing storytellers who open their world to us through pictures. On the anniversary of that first image being published in the magazine, our editors have chosen twelve Your Shot photos that we truly love. We hope you’ll be inspired to join us as we continue to tell stories together.