Your haiku poems, inspired by our community's photos

We asked you to write poems inspired by festive images from the Your Shot photo community—and the results are in!

As a social producer, I'm always trying to think of new ways to engage our communities. Last year, when we asked our Facebook audience to write a haiku inspired by a wintry photo, the overwhelmingly positive and imaginative responses told us there was something there.

A haiku is a traditional Japanese form of poetry consisting of three lines and 17 syllables—following a five, seven, five structure. Typically unrhymed and evoking natural or seasonal imagery, the form seemed to be a perfect fit for the stunning views shared every day by Your Shot photographers. Whether natural vistas or nostalgia-inducing scenes of daily life, the images we chose for this challenge were brimming with holiday spirit—and were mysterious enough to be open for interpretation.

Seeing the clever, inspiring, and plentiful responses from last year, we wanted to bring the opportunity back—and work even more closely with our Your Shot community! From the best responses gathered from Facebook comments, Your Shot members voted for their favorites, deciding the final poem that accompanies each of the images in this gallery.

The result is a collection that acts as an ode to winter, and to our community’s creativity. We hope these poems conjure feelings of peace and wonder this holiday season. And next year, maybe you’ll be inspired to write a few verses of your own.

Sarah Gardner is a social media producer for National Geographic and frequently curates photos from the Your Shot community to be featured on social platforms.